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The language of symbols, archetypes and dreams has been part of our lives since the dawn of time. It is a language that carries a meaning beyond its literal connotation and it has been called Green language or “language of the birds.” It has been passed on by way of legends, fairy tales, the songs of troubadours, engravings in cathedrals, through teachings on alchemy, astrology, qabalah and magic. It has also has found an important place in modern day practices like Jungian psychoanalysis and Jungian psychotherapy. The power to understand this holographic language has always been sought out by many, since it was seen as a sign of great wisdom and towards inner peace. The Green Guild, henceforth referred to simply as “The Guild” recognizes the value of this knowledge and appreciates its use as craft in its own right and as an important element in many mystical traditions. In summary the aims of The Guild are:


  1. promote the consideration and understand this noble Art and aims to promote the recognition of its practitioners.
  2. promote excellence and just and honourable practice in the Art.
  3. improve the mystical, practical and general knowledge of those engaged in the Art, assisting with or promoting training and relevant qualifications.
  4. promote the recognition of its members.
  5. provide facilities for social contact between members of the Guild and its associates, and their friends.
  6. establish or co-operate with others to establish associations with similar objects to those of The Guild and to work in close association with them.
  7. help ensure the perpetuation of this divine language and valuable Tradition.


The Guild finds its origins with those who have most deliberately tried to explicate the green language, namely the rare breed of craftsmen that have been called Alchemists. The initiative for the establishment of a craft guild for artisans of the green language comes from the Inner Garden Foundation. This foundation was formally established in 2010 and its articles of association counts among its aims: “To propagate and pass on the Alchemical tradition and its mystical heritage [...] in the broadest sense”. The Guild has been established to open the possibility of association and affiliation in a broader sense, including those that do not currently part of the field of operation of the Inner Garden Foundation, where these associations will benefit the perpetuation of the divine language and its mystical heritage. @ bird

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