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As he reeled in the oblivion of the moment brought on by the tar-like ichor all over and within his body, he seemed to enter into a trance-like state. He was transported to a past memory, one which had made an impression deep within him, and which had bestowed upon him keys which he had not yet viscerally understood how to use. He could feel himself drifting up, up, up, and he was happy just for the relief of leaving his writhing body. Then the memory began...

It was one of those rare nights when the Centaur allowed the candidate to leave the cave. He and the candidate sat atop a mountain talking. It was not a night of the new Moon, but rather a full Moon. The Moon had not risen yet, but even if it had, the thick blanket of clouds that filled the sky cast such a shadow over all that its light would have been obfuscated. It seemed the whole world was enshrouded this night. About a quarter of the way down the mountain, all the way to the valley, a thick layer of fog obscured all. With clouds above and fog below, the only spot not enveloped in vapor was the top quarter peak of the mountain, where the candidate and Centaur were.

"It is time for your first interior awakening," the Centaur told the candidate. "Tonight you will be taken into the arms of Diana and know her intimately."

"The Goddess will materialize here before me?" the candidate asked with youthful wonder. The Centaur returned only with that wry smile, and twinkle in his eyes. "I leave you now, for this is a solitary experience. Stand here at the peak of the mountain, unclothed, with arms outstretched."

"What then?" the candidate asked.

"Wait," the Centaur replied.

The candidate could hear the Centaur descending down the side of the mountain his cloven hoofs dislodging rocks, which tumbled and shattered upon the side of the mountain as they raced before their liberator.

The candidate stood as instructed for what seemed an eternity, the weight of his arms making him weary. He was about to lower them and concede to having been the butt of another of the Centaur's sardonic jokes when he felt it. A rumbling "no" a pulsation moving up through the mountain, his feet, and entire body. The pulsing became more and more intense, and he could feel his body involuntarily swaying as its waves of energy rippled through him, threatening to launch him off the side of the mountain. The ground beneath his feet felt strange as if it had become soft. The candidate looked down. The pulsating energy waves had not merely threatened to launch him from the side of the mountain - they had levitated him into the air!

From below he could see a light illuminating the thick fog in the valley below. Brighter and brighter the light became until he could see it clearly. It shone, a brilliant white pearl diadem rising up through the fog, up alongside the mountain, until it came to stop just before him. Its brilliant white light was cool and penetrating, its energy overwhelming, and yet...comforting.

From inside the lunar orb came a Voice.

"I will tell you a great secret." From the still silence of his mind, it was a feminine Voice which filled his thoughts. "It is the secret and key to all power, and when you understand this, there will be but one more step for you to take before you are rightfully, and by your own true virtue, called Hero."

"I will be through with my lessons?" the candidate asked. There was a moment of silence and a vision of the Centaur's wry smile came into his mind.

"Come now and listen; see if you understand the truth of these words," the Voice said.

"No one has the power of compelling or urging the stars. Yet, this difference must be noted at the outset: that the stars compel one, and do not compel another. This ought to be known, who it is that can rule and coerce the stars, and also who is governed by the stars. The wise man can dominate the stars, and is not subject to them. Nay, the stars are subject to the wise man, and are forced to obey him, not he the stars. The stars coerce and compel the animal man, so that where they lead he must follow, just as a thief does the gallows, a robber the wheel, a fisher the fishes, a fowler the birds, and a hunter the wild beasts. What other reason is there for this save that the man does not know or estimate himself or his own powers, or reflect that he is a lesser Universe and has the whole firmament with its powers hidden within himself?"

"In order to grasp these things it must be remembered that stars are of two kinds: terrestrial and celestial. The former belong to folly, the latter to wisdom. And as there are two worlds - the lesser and the larger - and the lesser rules the larger, so also the terrestrial star of the Microcosm governs and subdues the celestial star of the Macrocosm. God did not create the planets and stars with the intention that they should dominate man, but that they like other creatures should obey him and serve him. And although the higher stars do give the animal inclination and assign man and other earthly bodies for the manner of their birth, yet that power and dominion are nothing save only a predestined mandate and office in which there is nothing occult or abstruse remaining but the inner force and power put forth through the external signs."


Undoubtedly astrology started out rather simply as a means of being able to tell when to begin moving livestock to highlands or lowlands, or when to prepare the earth for farming by early man. It was also noticed that certain persons born at particular times of the year showed a predisposition to certain character traits and generalized themes or lessons (or life experiences) as they sought to integrate the wisdom and knowledge revealed from the experience into their lives. By constantly watching the stars and handing down their observations to subsequent generations, larger and larger cycles or patterns began to be noticed by an evolving humanity. The knowledge of the cycles progressed from smaller lengths of time, to larger ones. A solar day, a lunar month, a seasonal year; then small cycles that ran seven, ten, and twelve years, and even larger ones that stretched hundreds or thousands of years. It was noticed especially in these extended cycles when certain patterns of energy occurred certain advancements in human evolution or technological advancement would occur.

Within Hermetic Astrology one can simply examine time-lines based on the four elements (Fire, Water, Air, Earth), the planets, or a combination of the two, when dealing with time cycles.

Frater Albertus (probably the best known Alchemist of the 20th century) did a lot of work with these cycles which he termed Astro-Cyclic Pulsations. What follows is just a high level view of what this process can reveal.

For example: When the red triangle (indicating fire) is shown, it was at this point in time when England became a world power. It was fire, the gun, that gave them their strength for conquest. When next the red triangle appears, the steam engine was developed - again with the help of fire. When the industrial revolution began, again fire and the ferrous metals coming under the dominion of Mars, generating steam, made it possible. And again, this was indicated by the red triangle. When the penetrating fire became less visible but nevertheless more powerful, as within X-Rays and Radium, one must again take note of the red triangle. During the 1940s, fire broke out more furiously than ever before - man had harnessed the fireball of the atom. At the turn of the coming century, as we enter the new millennium, the red triangle shows again; we foresee that worldwide economic action will take place. If the cycles are true to their former functions, fire will again play an important part by way of force. Whether by crude fire as in former times or as atomic force, or through potent rays from space, only time will tell. Thus six times in this cycle graph, the element fire has shown itself by events that have taken place, or must take place if the cycles are to remain true to their previously repeated manifestations.

Other comparisons can also be made such as the Moon landing being under the triple sign of the Moon in the sign of Cancer, as we pointed out above. Napoleon's campaigns took place under similar conditions. Napoleon's efforts, also known as the Wars of Liberation, had worldwide repercussions. He introduced new concepts in conquest and liberation among the peoples of the earth, particularly those of Europe. Nevertheless, the consequences were worldwide, as were those of the Moon landing. At present the effects of the Moon landing upon all other nations - Russia in particular - is not as apparent as it will inevitably become. As Napoleon overran Europe and had to retreat as the sole conqueror, so too must the United States retreat from the Moon as sole conqueror. These are comparisons. They should never be taken to represent identical occurrences. Just as the invention of the steam engine and later the combustion engine with their tremendous power represented two phases in the development of power and the fire element, the development of the atom, in a time cycle one hundred and fifty years later, represents the same, only on a more advanced plane. Napoleon and the Moon conquest should be compared in the same manner.

Another example may serve our purpose. When the United States of North America came into existence it was under the sign of Libra, the balance which unites. One hundred and fifty years later, according to the same time cycles, the United Nations found their first establishment as the League of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

When (under the fixed sign of Scorpio with its crystallizing or solidifying influence) Prussia became a military power second to none, Scorpio showed its power relentlessly. Under a similar influence (but this time under the newly begun Aquarian Age) the automobile, with its combustion engine, just as relentlessly began its domination under the same influence of Mars - red as fire. Future economic conditions of a worldwide nature will also be brought about by a force that will revolutionize all former concepts of economics and be of lasting influence. This is not only indicated by the fixed sign of Scorpio of a minor cycle, but also by the new Aquarian Age with its fixed concentrative influence.

All of this forms a rather interesting study and it is only put forward here to show that there are indeed cycles which permeate our lives that one can read from the stars. Persons interested in acquiring the book "Men and the Cycles of the Universe" by Frater Albertus along with the corresponding charts should write to FraterAlbertusLegacyPublications at Spagyria dot com.

On the occasions that it becomes necessary, I use astrology with Q-State healing to help the aspiring Hero in understanding certain deeper issues. I see their natal chart as a snap-shot of the Macrocosmic celestial stars under which their particular being was allowed to enter the world. Certain stars are aspected favorably or poorly towards each other, thus showing a predisposition to certain tendencies and situations. However, we must remember that just as certain people have a genetic tendency to manifesting certain ailments, this does not mean that those same people will necessarily develop that ailment in their life. Especially if they have learned that their Microcosmic, inner "terrestrial stars" can rule over their Macrocosmic "celestial star" influences.

The natal information used in conjunction with information from Astro-Cyclic Pulsations can give insight to a great deal of information, and the use of that information is the true art and wisdom of Astrology as it applies to Q-State work and Inner Spiritual Alchemy.


With those final words of the Voice, in a flash the candidate was back on his physical knees fighting to remain in control of himself. He could see the sun was about to set, he could hear the creatures of the dark howling over the victory of having conquered himI It was just moments before the curtain of night would fall. On the outskirts of the city, he could see an oak grove with a deer running into it.

From inside of himself he again heard the feminine Voice from all those months ago, "The stars coerce and compel the animal man. What other reason is there for this, save that the man does not know or estimate himself or his own powers, or reflect that he is a lesser Universe and has the whole firmament with its powers hidden within himself? But the wise men can dominate the stars, and is not subject to them.

The candidate looked at the setting sun, and finally understood. He rose to his feet, with a resolute steadiness that gave the lie to the condition he had been in just moments before. Abruptly the rancorous cacophony of the night denizens was silenced. The candidate outstretched his right hand and in a firm voice exclaimed, "Sun be still!"

The candidate looked around him, at all the hideous monsters that would destroy the town. What he saw in their eyes was amazing - he saw fear, fear that he had awakened to the truth of his being. "Fiat Lux!" the candidate roared and instantly the light of a thousand suns flooded the square. There was no screaming, no melting, no burning, no disassociation of the creatures' molecular structure, they were just gone, vanished. The candidate looked around trying to take in what had just happened. In his mind he heard the memory of the feminine Voice from the night long ago saying:

"It is the secret and key to all power, and when you understand this, there will be but one more step for you to take before you are rightfully, and by your own true virtue, called Hero."