Q-State Healing, The Art of Sustainable Transformations

If you are practicing Spiritual Alchemy, or Inner Alchemy and all you are doing is meditation then you are using only half of what the Royal Art has to offer you.

No matter if you follow, Taoist, Yoga, or the Western Hermetic Inner Tradition they all have two things in common. The first is that there is an inner work that is achieved through certain meditative practices. The second is that there are products made from the natural world that help to support and accelerate the inner practice and thus, one's spiritual evolution. Generally when one today reads about Inner, or Spiritual Alchemy it is all about the meditative practice. Few modern writers are aware of the valid and tested mineral and herbal preparations used in the inner work, and most of those who do know about such preparations, have little to no idea of how to go about creating them.

When speaking about Alchemy most people are familiar with the Seven Metals of the Alchemist: Lead, Tin, Iron, Copper, Mercury, Silver, and Gold. Few know that extremely powerful spiritual medicines of the soul were created from such metals, as well as from the entire pantheon of minerals including the precious and semi-precious gems. Fewer still know that similarly powerful products are also produced from herbs -- everyday herbs like Rosemary, Chamomile, and Sundew that are capable of inducing inner experiences while also supporting physical and mental regenerative effects. Part of the secret lies in the fact that plants also have a mineral content absorbed from the earth. These 'plant minerals' have been here just as long as the metals, and if the secret is understood, have an inner healing and regenerative essence as powerful as gold.

The information presented below is introductory to the Q-State practice. Because of the nature of this work and the labor intensive methods used to create the products, we can only accept a limited number of persons to teach at any one time. To learn more about this inner work, you may set up an initial consultation free of charge. Send inquiries to qstate at spagyria dot com

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