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Fine Edition


arches infinity mark

100% cotton

Our Fine Bindings are made with 100% cotton paper. The papers of choice come from traditional mills like Arches, Crane and Fabrioni. When it comes to archival qualities of papers, cotton is considered to be the most durable and long lasting substrate.

leather hinge


Made to last more than a lifetime: French style bindings bound on cord (4 cords in octavo format), embroidered headbands, inner joint reinforced with a leather hinges. French style bindings can only be made by hand and present the apex of the art of bookbinding.

marbled papers

Fine materials

Full leather binding of the finest naturally tanned leather, 24 K gildwork title and logo on the spine, waxed marbled endpapers from the greatest collections of Payhembury, Crepaldi and the like.


Modest elegance

Handcarfted with patience and care. Given the time invested in its creation, available only in very small numbers; a stricktly limitted edition. A delight for the bibliophile hermeticist: great stories in a binding with class and a great feel.


Voyages in Kaleidoscoperead more

Voyages in Kaleidoscope

B.R.A.I. Hillel-Erlanger

VOYAGES IN KALEIDOSCOPE is a little dadaist style book which undeniably reveals the Great Work. It is a must for all those involled in some form of Inner Work or practical Qabalah - the journeymen who seek the uncharted realms, the maze with its own order and images in kaleidoscope. The book was originally published in French, in the autumn of 1919. Shortly after publication in Paris, all copies of the book were confiscated and pulped. A few copies were overseen. Translated into English for the first time, it is now offered through Inner Garden Press. Enjoy this poetic little novel.

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