Q-State Healing, EFT

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As the Hero entered the cave, he began to walk up the incline into the City. The torches which hung periodically on its walls created areas of light and dark. Light, dark, light dark... He found himself running at an easy pace, the illuminating transition creating a strobe effect that caused the candidate's mind to turn back to his experiences in the Centaur's cave. His time there had seemed like an eternity. Each day the Centaur drew him deeper into the cave, towards its belly where the shadows held sway and the light waned, until finally there were no more shadows - just the dark wet. At first all he could do was crawl around on his hands and knees, but gradually a subtle inherent luminance was revealed.

The luminance cast its own inner light on the long obscured surroundings, and what it illumined were creatures of the dark - the mischievous, and chaotic inner dark. There was no where to run or hide from them. During his stay in the depths of that cave, they had been his constant companions. Each sound had amplified and morphed into some unknown terror, every thing that scurried over him either real or imagined was a tentacle or snapping multi-headed demon.

This was where the real battle would begin to take place: the battle to gain control of himself. The first days were exhausting, he found himself twirling and whirling all about at the perceived, the projected threats. He finally collapsed into the mud, into the womb of mother earth, unable, unwilling to fight any more. He allowed the darkness to swallow him, the mud to pull him in, as what ever exuded from it had free reign all over his body. In the still, dark, terror, he found peace.


Emotional Freedom Technique is a system of energy healing technique developed by Gary Craig. EFT is based on Chinese acupuncture, although instead of using needles on energy channels, we use light tapping motions on the acupuncture points that are located on the energy channels or meridians that carry our energy throughout the body. The Chinese mapped out a sequence of these meridians or circuits of energy over 4000 years ago. EFT is one of the many meridian tapping techniques utilized today. Simply put, it is a version of emotional acupuncture.

Health is dependent on a smooth flow of energy (life processes) back and forth to the various organs of the body and cells of those organs. Uninhibited energy flow along what are called energy channels allow one to have physical, emotional and, mental well being. Blockages result in a slowed or impeded flow of energy through the channels. Blockages are formed by our present emotions about something, events that have occurred in our lives, or physical or mental symptoms we currently experience. The tapping motion of EFT clears the blocks (or to use Chinese terminology, congested qi) and allows for the restoration of that smooth flow of energy.

There are five simple parts to EFT:

1) We have to choose a target of an emotion, event, or symptom that we want to work on. Deciding on a target is like calling up a document. However, it is not enough to simply open the document - we need to immerse ourselves in the feeling of the target so that it triggers the associated feelings and thoughts which go along with the target and energize it.

2) We have to rate how we currently feel about the target on a scale of 0 - 10. When you think about the target, how distressed does it make you feel? If you rate it a zero, then the target does not bother you so choose something else. A 10, of course, is the highest level of discomfort. It is important to rate the target before beginning the practice so that we can keep track of how the tapping session is going and if we are zeroing in on the target with our affirmation and emotional attention.

3) We must create a setup statement. We name the problem and we combine it with an affirmation or statement of acceptance. The affirmation needs to be positive, affirming, accepting.

4) We now begin tapping on the specific EFT acupuncture points while we attune to the target. This clears the blockage because of the focus and the tapping, in conjunction with the emotional evocation of the target.

5) Finally, we take a deep breath and rate how we now feel about the target.


The Hero emerged from the cave into the light, its blinding rays bringing back memories of his first emergence. This time though, there were no spare moments to adjust his sensorium - the screams of the citizens mixed with those of the denizens of shadow, filling the air and attacking his ears.

He knew the Q&A session was over. These creatures would require a more direct approach to battle. He threw himself in the fight, slashing and hacking with his sword. But his blows glanced off every creature he struck. It was all he could do to parry their blows and keep himself from being torn apart. He must have been overlooking something... He had sharpened both lance and sword before he left the Centaur's cave. He had confronted the terror of the threshold and accepted his feelings. Why then was he so impotent? Why wasn't his ichor flowing and vitalizing his weapons?

Then he remembered the Centaur's words of instruction imparted to him within the first cave, "Energy follows intent like a dog on his master's leash. You must learn how to move, to evoke those intentions which will engage specific points on your body to loosen that energy so that it can be used." He took a defensive stance and mentally activated the points on his face and body as the Centaur had instructed him.

...Back in that first cave, he had thought it a trick of his mind that he could see a luminance radiating from himself as he did the choreographed moves of ichor activation. But here in the sunlight the effect was much more intense, because the light of the sun joined with his own inner light and he found himself pulsating with a golden aura...

A group of creatures had encircled him, ready to deliver their final onslaught. He met them all with silent ferocity, twirling and jumping through the air, blocking and parrying with his lance, cutting down with his sword. He could feel the spray of blood being let from the creatures each time he cut one down. He could hear their demonic cries as they turned to a kind of bitumen soup on the ground.

He let out a heavy breath, it was over. "Not bad for a first day of monster killing," he thought. "I could get used to this hero stuff."

He noticed that the pitch pools where the creatures had fallen began to bubble, as did every droplet of pitch like blood that had splattered from the creatures while he slew them. In an instant they began to pop up, like shooting stalks of a hideous wheat plant. Row after row of them, coalescing from their chaotic stygian tar: earth, fire, air, and water. In less than a minute what had been a group of 5 creatures was now nearly fifty.

What had he done wrong? They should have been dead, but now their energy dispersed had created many copies of the original, coalescing into the original pattern all over again while also multiplying.

As the first wave moved in and attacked he gathered his ichor into a central point and directed it into a golden beam from his lance. Instantly upon touching each creature they once again exploded, their pitch like ichor littering the ground around them, and almost as quickly the demonic wheat field sprang back into existence. "This will never end," the candidate thought, "This will BE my end." If I could just transmute that energy, so it would not take its old pattern, I could end this. Then he remembered his alchemical stones.