Q-State Healing, Plant Alchemy

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Plant Alchemy

One of the first things the Centaur had taught him in the cave was about alchemy. "It is," the Centaur explained a most excellent tool for those who knew how to use it. For it could act as a mirror of one's inner life. More than that: it could be used to transmute not only base metals into gold, but more importantly transmute the profane man into a god-man, allowing him to become homo-spiritualis. "So many" the Centaur said, "laugh at making stones from plants, and in their laughter they show the profundity of their ignorance. Are not the minerals in plants taken up into the plant from the ground where gold and silver are mined? The plant did not make those minerals of its own accord, it borrowed them from the earth, just as the minerals inside of you were borrowed from the earth. The minerals of plants are also capable of startling transmutations, but these are brought about within the man. Understand me correctly - ambrosia is a divine exhalation of the earth, when gathered and prepared properly and mixed with plants and their minerals it forms a food of the Gods."


In its simplest form making an herbal extract using plant alchemy is not much different than making any ordinary herbal extract. The herb is macerated in an alcohol/water mixture for a number of days to extract the healing virtues of the plant just like any herbalist would do. Once this is done however, the herbal material is dried and then heated until it combusts, turning first into carbon and then into ash, much the same way one would witness a piece of wood in a campfire being burned. From this ash, the water soluble minerals salts are extracted using distilled water. This liquid can either be added directly to the already liquid extract, or the salts can be crystallized by evaporating off the water. During the evaporation phase one can meditate over the forming salt crystals impregnating them with a specific desire of health. Of course if one is living in an apartment in the city obtaining enough quantities of plant ash to work with to get mineral salts can be problematic since the burning of the plant body produces smoke. Fortunately, one need only combust one or two tablespoons full of herb body in order to do and see what we need, because the remaining need for mineral salts can be made up by using sea salt as we will see later in this section.

Making and using plant alchemy products as part of the Q-State process serves two purposes:

First, I have found over the years that when students engage in the plant alchemy process by creating extremely simple plant extracts, a lot is revealed about their inner state as reflected by the areas of the process where they are experiencing trouble with the method. These trouble areas help funnel the Hero's attention toward the inner demons he will need to conquer.

To elaborate, I wrote earlier that the alchemical science is of a dual nature composed equally of an inner and outer aspect. While it might seem strange to some and smack of reading tea leaves to others, the trouble in making a simple herbal extract can reflect one's inner state. In over 15 years of teaching the spagyric method to hundreds of people, I have found this to always hold true. To put it simply, one's mind (their inner state) does have an effect on things in our physical environment. Quantum physics has been saying this now for almost 100 years. The 'observer effect' refers to changes that the act of observation will make on a phenomenon being observed. This interaction of observer influencing the environment can be seen clearly. While some will argue that this effect can be mitigated by using better instruments and testing models, it can not be discounted when dealing with the realm of quantum physics and it is precisely in the quantum realm that alchemy takes place.

Through the use of meditation along with sound and color combinations, the alchemist is able to create an intimacy with their matter which places them in a privileged position to affect the evolution of the matter. Interestingly enough, this is easily done with plants when making simple spagyric extracts. One need only enter the work with the proper frame of mind, and the reflective correspondence between the inner and outer work will be made more pronounced. This correspondence always exists, and in truth, deciding to avail one's self of it is as simple as deciding if one wants to measure a particle or a wave.

The second purpose of making spagyric extracts in Q-State work serves a very practical physical need. The spagyric process is the only existent herbal manufacturing methodology which utilizes the entire substances of the plant being worked with, right down to the mineral salts found in the plant. I have spoken with numerous herbalists, nutritionists, naturopaths, etc. who do not even realize that plants have a mineral content that can be freed, purified and utilized in the final herbal preparation.

Minerals are essential for life, without them we would die. Indeed there was a time when salt was literally worth its weight in gold, illustrating how vital it is for life. Today, we hardly give the little mineral wonders contained in salt a second thought. Yet were society to collapse, salt would once again rise in value, especially since not every area has easy access to natural salt deposits, or ocean water from which it can be obtained.

It should also be realized that I am not speaking about common table salt which provides only one mineral (sodium) into our diets. Salt from the ocean (whether obtained directly from sea water, or massive salt deposits from dried prehistoric oceans and lakes) has the entire cornucopia of macro and trace minerals that our bodies need for their healthy functioning. Plants are also a great source for acquiring the needed mineral mix in our diets, for sustaining a properly functioning body.

Our bodies are bio-electric in nature and without minerals and the subtle forms of energy contained within them our bodies will not function nor will our chi be able to flow. Imagine then that you have gone through a round of Q-State healing where you have used the acupressure tapping of EFT along with the releasing statements of Sedona. When done you will feel a humming or movement sensation in your body. This is the untangled energy seeking to set a new pattern. Unfortunately if a new pattern is not fully established your body will seek to resort back either partially or fully to the old pattern.

This is where the impregnating of the crystallizing salts with our desire now begins to pay off. We have previously impregnated the mineral salts from the plant and sea with our desired new energy matrix. We have a physical body (the purified salts within the tincture) that readily and continuously resonates with that desired frequency. Taking a drop of the liquid product or a pinch of the solid product will give the energy loosened by the Sedona and EFT work an existing matrix to form around.

In this way one experiences less of the yo-yo effect of this type of energy healing where energy is loosened only to run free within the body as it searches for another use, which for many has either not been defined at all, or exists as distant gray smoke on the horizon. A vision of what you want to be and feel like, along with the associated changes that need to take place are a prerequisite for success in this type of work. Which is why I will say again, that though this work can be done by one's self, it is best to have a Centaur (teacher) with experience to help you along the way.


The demonic harpie somehow sensed what he wanted was in the leather pouch that hung from his side. It swooped in and sank its talons into the bag. As it began to ascend, it seemed to the candidate that he would be pulled aloft with the leather pouch. But that was not to be. The sound of the tearing leather filled the candidate with a sickening feeling - hope was being rent. He flailed in the air frantically trying to reach out to the pouch, to regain purchase of it. It must have seemed from the ground that his uncoordinated gestures was a pathetic attempt at flight.

He hit the ground hard, the air being forced from his body created what seemed like an unyielding vacuum in his lungs of negative pressure as he tried to breath in. He could hear and sense the horde of creatures moving in for the kill. From his peripheral vision he could sense their combined shadows forming a wall of darkness that would soon engulf him, overwhelm him. He had no lance, no sword - he was about to fail.

Then he heard it: the cry of an eagle! It slammed into the harpie as if Zeus himself had thrown a lightning bolt from Olympus. The harpie was momentarily shaken, and while it did not lose its grip on the leather pouch, its pitch had been upset enough that one crystalline herbal alchemical stone had shaken free of the pouch. It scintillated and glimmered in the late afternoon sun as it fell to the earth, as hope came back into reach.

The alchemical plant stone fell into the center of a pile of pitch ichor that had not coalesced yet. Immediately the ichor began to enter into the transmutation stone like water into a sponge. The candidate knew he had but moments to act. It would require a supreme act of faith. He lunged toward the stone, rolling over the coalescing dark ichor, his face landing where the transmuting plant stone had been. Covered in the chaotic tar, in one swift gulp he swallowed the stone saturated in pitch.

Filth, inside and out. The candidate let out a scream of agony, as his body bubbled and expanded following the traverse of the polar soup. The creatures immediately halted their advanced, and the rock demon bellowed, 'He is becoming one of us! By the time the sun sets his transformation will be complete!' Was it just his imagination or had the sun's descent increased in speed to ensure his abysmal decay?