The Vault

by Moreh

Many interesting drawings and manuscripts are found in private libraries, treasures preserved over the ages, unknown to the outside world. Inner Garden has a few of such documents, and keeps these in "the Vault". A recent addition to the collection in the vault is an unpublished manuscript dated at 1936. This mysterious document consists of about 500 pages and more than 3,500 handdrawn figures and Egyptian Hieroglyphs. So much handwork has gone into making this document, that even before reading it becomes immediately clear this is a work of Art, made with the greatest dedication and love. The book presents a record of "The Atlantean Doctrine" - a term which is not clarified anywhere in the document, and is perhaps a reference to the doctrine that Hermes taught the Egyptians.

One reason this manuscript is rather mysterious is that it contains a cosmogenisis that is reminiscent of the works of Zecharia Sitchin, but that it was written a 40 years earlier on the basis of an entirely different source, which is entirely Egyptian. In addition to that, the book deals with alchemical concepts and the nature philosophical principles, such as the principle of evolution, the principle of formation, the principle of animation, the principle of condensation, etc.

Nothing can be traced about (the pseudonym of) the author. The only clear link to a known historical person is the the dedication to the memory of Gerald Massey at the start of the book.

The book is divided in a number of "Arcane Grand Keys", which are grouped together to describe the following sections:
- Macrocosmic Mystery
- Microcosmic Mystery
- Mesianic Mystery
- Great Mother Mystery

This is followed by a volumous set of discourses, poetic language reminiscent of the Golden Dawn Z-material, and some has a masonic ring to it.

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