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submissions and awards 2021

First Place - The Torment of the Soul

The Torment of the Soul

By Similia SC

1st prize

Jury's comment’s: ‘The artist has aptly titled their work; we maintain that genuine achievements in the Arts proceed from those torments of the soul which transform media and artist simultaneously. We recognize a figure, for us it is Hephaistos at his forge, but our eye is quickly drawn to another one, and then another; together they flow and circle, each one changing, casting off bits with each turn, darkening, growing brighter. We watch.’

This image arrouses different reactions. Another member of the jury describes it as ‘the rising Sun in a bowel, beautiful in color and form.’

Second Place - Spearmint Ens

Spearmint Ens

By Sanitatem Magnum

2nd prize

Jury's comment’s: ‘A beautiful tapestry of colors. Separate works come together in unison. Like the fruits of laboratory work, the gem is not only in the end point, its in the whole experience.’

‘A tasteful submission, nearly fragrant as well, and with generous green. We feel encouraged to explore these images, to linger as we please, to imagine something of the journey that the artist has taken.’

Third Place - Redbird’s lab

Redbird's lab

By Redbird

3rd prize

Link to audio:

Jury's comment’s: ‘I love the vibrant beats. It feels like being at a retreat.’

Honourable mention - Mineral Gardening

Mineral Gardening

The Jury appreciates the lighting and focus in this image. We are drawn to the efflorescence which has appeared on the initial crystals, appearing like mistletoe in the crown of an oak. We are led to recall our venerable elements, and how they give rise to the desirable fruits of our labors in the Garden.

Submission 5 - A Watery Stone:

A Watery Stone

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