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submissions and awards 2022

Shared First Place - Flowering of the Lemniscate Seed

Flowering of the Lemniscate Seed

By Similia SC

1st prize

Jury's comment’s: ‘This year two remarkable works were submitted for the Alchemy Art Award. Since both works are extraordinary in their own way, the judges were posed with a devil’s dilemma to cast a vote in favour of one submission over the other. And while these works are very different in many ways – one which is physical, made of a very thick metal slab, speaking in the language of symbols, and another as an expression of a journey by way of symbols and the written word, existing only in digital format and the minds of its creator and readers – at the same time they seemingly share a common tale of cyclicity, of pleasant ref lections, lights, intriguing shadows and yet unventured darkness, a Realm Beyond. Some Gardeners (Hathor, Shruti, Brygin, and Moreh) volunteered to donate for the purpose of raising the funds for another 1st prize and so this year it was possible to assign two winners.’

Shared First Place - The Lamplight and the Sunlight

The Lamplight and the Sunlight

By Horatio D'Homeros

1st prize

Jury's comment’s: ‘In addition to Beatus Vir’s massive-yet-elegant Flowering of the Lemniscate Seed as shown above this work Horatius D’Omeros’ Lamplight and the Sunlight seem to meet that piece at the place where a journey beyond continues.’

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