Brothers and Friends

Dear Brothers and friends who search a way to enter into the Philosophers' Garden.

You are like the young man shown in the image, who symbolically expresses his feelings and desires by crossing his arms and by his perplexed look: He does not know where to enter the garden. You are therefore similarly disoriented and perplexed for not being able to achieve our inner desires and goals.

Frequently, I am asked by seekers, (which most of the time are only motivated by curiosity) as to how to find the key to be able to open the well locked gate and be able to enter into the Garden.

It is not easy to know the Secret key to open the lock to the Garden, but once opened, you will know that you have a way free to the Secrets that this Garden contains. In order to find the Secret key, it will take much work, time, perseverance and above all much patience.

When the Secret is disclosed to you, you will be able to open the gate, and you can go into the inner heart of the Garden. However, you will be disoriented in its labyrinths, which was carefully designed by our great Masters. To walk in the labyrinths, and to arrive to the Great Goal, you will need the charitable hand of a guide who will help you in the intricate labyrinth.

Besides the aid and guidance that can be given, you will need to have the knowledge to understand the language that is spoken. Therefore, before looking to enter into the Garden, you will have to be prepared because you will inevitably face great dangers. These dangers are like the two mythological dragons whose poisonous breath can cause great harm and even death to you. Like a soldier who goes to war and is prepared for combat, you will also have to have the necessary training in order to face the dangers of the two dragons.

On this site you will find the necessary materials, which will prepare you for gaining the Secret Key to the entrance to the Garden. Remember that a house is not constructed by starting with the roof, but with a strong foundation.

Therefore, Brothers and Friends, you must start by working in vegetable Spagyrics. Only after you have obtained sufficient experience in vegetable Spagyrics will you be able to try the mineral Spagyrics, which is the door to Alchemy.

The first Rule is that you never start an operation for which you aren't duly prepared because of serious risks and possible danger to your life.

Secondly, after you have obtained suitable experience in several operations of mineral spagyrics, you will be then be able to start to study and understand the great Master Alchemy books which you will find in this URL. It will not be necessary to look for other books because the books recommended were selected very carefully to help you and not loose time reading useless books that would lead you to nothing.

After your careful reading of the recommended books, you will be then be able to ask for further advice to gain eventual understanding and be able to put into practice the teachings contained in the books.

After having understood and performed the suggested operations, you will have the Secret Key, and be in a suitable condition, to enter into the Garden. You will be able to face the two dragons, fight them in a fierce battle, and win the battle.

However, you will not be able still to sing a song of victory because there will be other more arduous battles. Thus God helps you.

Rubellus Petrinus

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