Ordo Splendor Lucis

by Moreh

The Order Splendor Lucis stands as a class apart among magical Orders by it's unique and powerful teachings. IGF highly recommends this Order to students that wish to broaden their horizon with regards to inner work.

The Western Mystery Tradition is the sum of the esoteric teachings of the West. The theory and practice of secret arts and sciences runs like a thread through the history of Europe and was narrated by the great Adepts and Masters of the time. The Ordo Splendor Lucis is a magical Initiation order, and stands in the tradition of the adepts. Their goal is to educate people in the Western Mysteries and give them the opportunity for spiritual development. But this can only be done in a hermetically sealed and in a controlled environment (a temple) which is free from unbalanced, external influences. The word temple refers not only to the actual building, but also to the magician himself, therefore, we speak of an outer and an inner temple.

The foundation of the Order is based on three important pillars of charity, truth and knowledge. The aim of the Outer Order is to train the candidates in the Western Mystery tradition, and to establish these pillars inside. The initiate is led through the grades through the contact with his inner divine part. By this education the initiate is prepared to become an Adept, so that he can serve society with his actions. For more information see: www.splendorlucis.com

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