king of batons

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king of batons

synthetic meaning

Sitting and neatlywrapped, the Queen of Batons, oriented towards the right with her scepter in the shape of a club, her crown resting on her long hair, white and scattered on her shoulders, she represents the intimate grouping of energies of Being for ensuring mastery of matter and defense against the opposing forces which can arise.

analytic meaning

The military appearance of the King of Batons is meant to show that his work is enveloped in energy. His white hair represents his internal equilibrium.

The heavy scepter, clearly directed at the ground, indicates that this personage, in order to obtain the realization which is incumbent on him as King, must take charge of situations and free himself from doubt while fixing things concretely.

specific analogies

The white scepter, aimed at the lower extremity and not resting on the ground with black oblique stripes, having on its tip a white part surmounted by a yellow ball with black stripes, and with a ponderous yellow ornament attached to its base, is an expression of the power of the King over matter and, although the king wishes to act impartially, the obstacles he must overcome on his way are numerous.

Under his breastplate, on his blue skirt, the slats of the same color represent the rays flowing from the bottom; on his shoulders, the yellow slats indicate a flowing radiance emanating from Above, the power of Man radiating both upwards and downwards.

Against the base of his cuirass, his left hand, of a passive nature and one finger of which points to the four dots, while his forearm rests on his bent knee, signifies that the interior work of his active thought, in the search for balance (the belt), is exercised in various ways and extends into the three planes of matter[1].

The fourteen dots which are depicted on his entire set of clothing express this extension; their symmetrical position in relation to the center line of his doublet indicate that they are polarized and that they represent 7 x 2; or 7 gives the range of all the vibrations, and its polarization implies that in happens in an internal mode, as it does through sound, and in an external way, as it does through colors. His hat, wavy and of regular shape [.e., symmetrical], as oppose to that of the Kng of Cups, indicates the personal, direct activity of the King of Batons in the physical world, and the position of his crown on this hat blue on the inside and red on the outside makes it clear that this activity is not the principle element of mental effort, but that this later is balanced in the interior, mostly by psychism, before cloaking itself in matter and that it extends as much into the active as the passive worlds. The black lines of the hat represent the forces of inertia which the activity of the King will have to overcome in the physical world.

His elevated heel, as well as the shadow it casts to make it stand out, indicate that the immobility of the King is only momentary and that he will put himself in motion when he feels the need. This amounts to saying that every realization is not a function of a duration, but of an effort of preparation which can, suddenly, reach maturity.

The throne on which he stands shows, with its black lines, the resistances which the King of Batons meets in order to commit an act, and the feet of the throne, resting on the flesh-colored plinth, show that this act is physical.

The yellow feet, the visible blue part surmounted by a white ball, the yellow part of the chair on which the King is seated, along with the yellow base of the soil where his feet are resting, by avoiding the flesh color of the center, represent the forces which are accorded to him for overcoming the resistances which he will encounter on the planes where he is going to act with intelligence.

meanings as they relate to the three planes

MENTAL. Sound judgement, clarity in investigations concerning businesses whose operations require energy.

ANIMISTIC. A spirit of conquest, of enterprise. Material energy outcome. Procreation.

PHYSICAL. Enterprising in business. Excellent health. A light but generous nature.

INVERTED. This Arcanum, directing the heat of its energy towards matter, becomes something bad: drunkenness, debauchery through the excess of energy expended for enjoyment.

In sum, in its Elementary Sense, the King of Batons represents the necessity of effort and firm determination of action for any success on the material plane.

[1] Solid, liquid, aerial, and ethereal, this later making four states.

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