page of coins

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page of coins

synthetic meaning

The Page of Coins, wearing a hat in the shape of an 8, with one side drooping, standing firmly on grassy ground, lifting up Above a coin held in his right hand, the other hand touching his belt, while another coin is on the ground next to his right foot, suggests the existence of a plan to connect the mental and material states, resulting in a fertile yield on the planes of the material world.

analytic meaning

The place between the high and the low is established by the extreme placement of the two coins; the one below is not held by the Page because he does not raise matter up to mind, but rather brings mind down to matter. The hat in the shape of an 8, with a brim bending towards the ground, also accentuates, though in an intellectual way, this action of the Page. His role as a mediator continues to be apparent because of his hand resting on his yellow belt with 4 triangles, separating the upper from the lower part of his body, thus marking the work of intelligence being exercised with a perfect balance between the higher part of matter, represented by his torso, and the lower part, indicated by his legs. The perfect balance results from the 3, a reconciled balance, repeated 4 times, as 4 constitutes material balance.

The passivity of the Page is marked by his immobility, but the action of his right hand of holding the coin shows that this passivity contains willful activity and is the harbinger of actions to be carried out, since the right hand expresses the efforts of a human directed outward.[1]

specific analogies

The hat's figure-8 shape indicates as well that time does not exist, owing to the permanence of the balance represented by the 8, and the figure's fixed regard for the coin he holds up indicates a persistent vigilance.

The variety of the colors implies that the action is exercised in all the spheres.

The tufts of green grass on the ground, flesh-colored, indicate the physical component of nervous impulses; the yellow tufts indicate the mental component, fighting against the inertia of matter represented by the black lines.

meanings as they relate to the three planes

MENTAL. Creative intelligence, which is to say knowing how to choose the elements necessary for creation.

ANIMISTIC. Choice of the elements necessary to arrive at one's ends.

PHYSICAL. Balance in business or in health.

INVERTED. It is neutralized; the liaison officer no longer exists, and his action is rendered inoperative.

In its Elementary Sense, the Page of Coins is presented to Man as a messenger announcing the realization of his projects because he has designed them in accord with that which Above and that which is below.

[1] v. the information about the Pages in the introduction to the court cards of the Minor Arcana.

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