queen of coins

Translation by Kitos Digiovanni from smallcabin.org

queen of coins

synthetic meaning

Holding in her left hand a scepter topped with a floral motif and holding up a coin in her right hand, in profile and almost standing, the Queen of Coins, with her crown thrown back on her blue hair, suggests powerful internal working of an animistic order to assure, in their best state, the preparation and the organization of exchanges between the individual and her environment.

analytic meaning

The crown suggests radiance in the Universal; here it is pushed back on her headandbarely visible when the Queen of Coins is seen from the front. This shows Universal access is not the goal sought by her, and that her action, in conformity with the meaning of the Coin, must be directed towards material working. This position of the crown also indicates, by its receding position on her head, a psychic and mental condensation, coming from the past, and forming the skills that serve as the basis for the favorable making of exchanges; the inner netting and the outer flowers symbolize the means for penetrating into matter.

specific analogies

Her posture, half-sitting and in profile towards the left, brings to mind the activity which characterizes the Coin, but it is activity exercised by necessity on the interior, since the Coin is passive; this shows an intimate effort towards a solution close to any constructive question considered by the Queen of Coins, who has completed the preparation for the active work of the King of Coins. The Green throne reinforces her support in the physical world, and the yellow border, her intellectuality.

The blue color of her hair shows that she is clairvoyant and that her designs are essentially intuitive; her clothing of a similar color reinforces this tone since it shows her entirely enveloped in psychism.

The scepter, black like the coin, recalls the obscurity which reigns between the three zones of the coin and which exists in intuition, whose formation always remains secret; the flowers at the end show the development of the concentration achieved by the Queen of Coins.

The coin, presented face-forward, makes manifest the wealth provided by the Queen; it is positioned on her fingers and held high to show that the action which she has prepared is ready to be put to use, as well as her attraction to higher states which the Queen has put in rapport with the physical plane.

The belt, separating her chest from her abdomen, symbolizes mutual support and conciliation between the animistic and material dispositions; the 12 points which appear there show that they are at the end of a cycle and are oriented towards the Universal. The large yellow stripe connecting the flesh-colored belt to the collar of the same color, shows the divine intelligence illuminating her psychic activity.

meanings as they relate to the three planes

MENTAL. Assurance of success in one's research undertakings, especially those of an abstract order.

ANIMISTIC. Comfort, strong affection, power, radiance.

PHYSICAL. Good health; in the case of sickness, certainty of recovery. Business matters in good order and conducted rationally.

INVERTED. All kinds of embarrassment, confusion, great difficulties in extricating oneself from bad situations, because the means which the Queen possesses to act over matter encumber her and trap her there.

In its basic sense, the Queen of Coins represents the latent and intuitive work of Man, which must precede all construction and change so that such things may be realized in their optimum state.

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