the star (l'etoile)

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the star


The number 17 = 10 + 7. 10 represents the universal cycle, and 7 the septenary - that is to say, the expansive diffusion expressed by the universal spectrum and specified by the 7 sounds, the 7 colors, and so forth.

The number of small stars in this Card also evokes 7 = 3 + 3 + 1, that is, the ternaries of the Seal of Solomon, to which unity adds the principle of activity. The set is synthesized by the large central star symbolizing the emanation of Divine power which sends into the material world the forces of involution and evolution.

general and abstract meaning

This Card, supported by the psychic and the spiritual, represents the PRINCIPLES WHICH PRESIDE OVER THE HARMONY OF THE WORLDS.

It puts the beauty of Divine construction in opposition with the imperfection of human construction, always being renewed.

It places at the top of the sky, the stars, the active principle of cosmic edification, the sources of light, and below, in the material world, a woman, the source of physical life.

It comes after The Tower in order to represent harmony, the great universal forgiveness, the balm which always comes after a fall, the soothing of people for their recovery.

The stars represent the worlds on the psychic plane.

The great central star, arranging the seven secondary stars around it, synthesizes the seven notes of the universal spectrum in order to make it one single harmony, this is underscored by its eight yellow rays, as eight constitutes an octave, that is, a complete series. The eight red rays interposed form the same principle in the material world, because, for human necessity and understanding, it requires that the principles of divine intelligence are repeated in the material world. The whole unity forms the number 16, taken as 8 + 8, which, by its repetition in the two poles, symbolizes the perfect bond between the material and spiritual worlds.

Under the stars and above the ground appear two trees whose green color is the image of renewal; on one of them is perched a bird, symbol of individual life able to attach itself to the ground or to hover in space, ever singing the morning wakeup song, the joy of renewal.

The female figure is nude, showing thereby that the principle of harmony does not require any substance and is not active in one plane more than another. The woman has one knee on the ground, indicating that harmony is not immobilized in one place, but it must always be ready to take a step forward.

She is the great feminine principle which directs the current of the worlds and the struggle of their evolution. She causes this current to emanate from two vases, representing condensations permitting one to measure out, at times, a spiritual influx whose intensity is such that it cannot be effective unless it is channeled. She is handling them so as to pour out a dosage that people can handle.

The horizontal vase held in her left hand indicates a passive contribution, given to Man in his repose, as if by chance. Such as the one who receives wealth while asleep - while the vertical vase represents the active contribution, which is to say, that which Man obtains through his work.

The woman is on the extreme edge of the ground, because she is the source from which the water flows. This water is tinted blue to signify that this source, of a spiritual order, never dries up, but can only operate through its dependency on the substratum of a Divine intelligence. This is expressed by her knee being placed on the ground whose yellow color and chaotic, rough appearance permits her the chance to shape and fashion it into something beautiful.

She holds two red vases in her hands, thus showing that it is by means of the material world that one must draw, from the river of spirituality, evolutionary harmony.

Furthermore, these two vases represent the two poles of fertility in matter. The vase of passivity is closer to her, as the female in the processes of fertility is playing a role superior to that of the male, and she is better suited to be a model of universal beauty. This vase is touching her genitals and its short flow strikes the sand, indicating that it is a physical receptacle connecting the instinctive vital current of an individual with the material world (the ground) realized by the Divine intelligence.

The active vase held in her right hand touches her knee and the flow of the liquid which it contains leads to her right foot. It is, therefore, a physical action producing an expansion in the spiritual and sensory plane, represented by the flowing blue water.

In sum, these vases and the water they contain represent the great cosmic current which never ceases to flow, ever fertile and renewing itself.


The position of the woman, turned three-quarters to the left, shows by this a reflective disposition moving towards realization, a state of passivity becoming active.

specific and concrete meaning

The name THE STAR has been given to it to represent an illuminating and redeeming power, symbolized by the stars, as they bring forth clarity from the Infinite.

meanings as they relate to the three planes

MENTAL. Some form of assistance that offers a power which can be made use of, but not right away, since we must know how to use it. It is inspiration about what must be done.

ANIMISTIC. The Star gives off currents of stability and radiance.

PHYSICAL. Satisfaction, the love of humanity in all its beauty; the fate of the sentiments which animate a being. The realization of things in order and harmony. In a question about art, it suggests the idea of charm - that is to say, the radiance which attracts others.

INVERTED. Harmony disrupted in its destiny, physical harmony without duration.

In sum, in its Elementary Sense, THE STAR represents the celestial illumination which causes man to witness the dawn of peace, of hope, and of beauty, things which support him in his struggles, providing him with the comfort in the midst of his failures and guiding him through his vicissitudes, and never failing hm in his participation in cosmic harmonies.

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