Inner Garden is run by a group of volunteers that are passionate about the Royal Art and about passing it on. Our non-profit Foundation has thereby taken a unique position that is central in the alchemical community. Since the group slowly but surely grows, a number of vacancies for roles in the core of the group have opened up. We are happy to see others join the team. Please contact Moreh to solicit for one of the available positions.

Currently, we have the following vacancies:

lab guide


As Lab Guide, you act as a Guide for new students who study the initial herbal curriculum. You help to answer questions the student may have, review reports and determine if the report is sufficient for the student to receive the following lessons. You enthuse students and subtly point out aspects of interest that may spur the student onward. In some cases, a master-apprentice relationship may develop, in which the student is made part of the research of the Guide and together a field of interest can be explored. You are free to determine how many students you are comfortable Guiding according to your own time schedule.

You consult with other Guides whenever you deem necessary to best answer a question, and/or encourage the candidate to post profound questions to the Forum in order to get reactions from a greater pool of members.

You are invited to the bi-annual Meeting of the Ents in which the aims and activities of the Foundation are discussed and in which you report on the progress of your students.


You are skilled and knowledgeable in traditional laboratory alchemy and have worked through at least half of the regular herbal curriculum of Inner Garden. You have good communicative skills and a good grasp of English.

If you have an interest to help expand the current lab curriculum with notes or lessons from your hand, that would be a great asset.

inner guide


As Inner Guide, you act as a Guide for new students who study the inner aspect of Alchemy. Currently Inner Garden exclusively offers inner work in the form of the Alchemical Inner Reconciliation (AIR) program. Given the unique nature of AIR, the role description is not further detailed here.


You have completed AIR2. Professional experience in the domain of psychology is an asset but not a requirement.



You are in charge of administrating and maintaining the Inner Garden Forum. You keep a careful watch on the security of the Forum and our site. You are in charge of hiring professionals and handing them the necessary data for specific tasks.


You have a basic knowledge of HTML, PHP and MySql and you are willing to invest some time to figure out specific details where necessary in order to hire a professional or to do the job yourself.

admission officer


You are in charge of the admission procedure of new candidates. You respond to inquiries of new candidates and review applications. You consult with Guides if there are objections to admission and to check who volunteers as a Guide. You complete the admission process with the creation of a personal emblem for the new candidate and a profile for our Forum (the creation of a profile is set out in a short 4 step manual).

You will work alongside the current Admission Officer for half a year to get familiar with the role.


You have good communicative skills and a good grasp of English. You have progressed at least halfway through the herbal curriculum of lab work and have progressed in VQ up to T5.



Being a Partner of the Foundation is not so much a role as the distinction of merit and of having a voice in the decision making process. It is more than an honorary title in that Partners benefit from the notes on advanced work that become available.

Active Partners are invited to the bi-annual Meeting of the Ents in which the aims and activities of the Foundation are discussed.

Active Partners are invited to workshops on advanced alchemy whenever they are organized. Since this may involve long-distance travel, there is no obligation to attend.


You have intensively contributed to further the aims of the Foundation during a period of at least two years, or less intensively for a period of five years. This contribution may be in the form of authoring articles, transcriptions, organizing workshops, volunteering as a Guide, or any other effort of significance. Partners generally do not contribute because they are asked to do so but do so on the basis of their basis of passion for the Great Work and a wish to be part of the unique transmission that is perpetuated through Inner Garden.

Further information on the Partnership is provided in the regulations and a number of notes that will be sent to prospective Partners.

board member


Board Members are Partners who function as legal fiduciaries in charge of steering the Foundation in consultation with other active Partners. Board Members have an exemplary role in that they live and breathe alchemy and are passionate about continuously promoting the aims of the Foundation and giving shape to the unique sanctuary that is Inner Garden.


You are well versed in both Inner Alchemy as well as Laboratory Alchemy. You have been a Partner for at least two years and you are actively contributing to the Foundation on a regular basis.


other functions

In addition to the above-mentioned vacancies, there are a number of roles which do not yet have a definitive role description.


guild master

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