Calx of the Sun

The old masters denominated calx of the Sun faintly an oxide or a reduced metal to thin powder.

To reduce to metallic powder the solar star, you make first, an amalgam of the noble metal with the common quicksilver, then, volatilise the quicksilver with Vulcano and will remained the metal in powdery state (calx). At present time, the Brazilian prospector, still uses this process that is very dangerous, due to the quicksilver highly toxic vapours not only noxious for the animal economy, but for the atmosphere as well.

As this operation is very risky, for the reasons that we exposed you, we do not advise that you do it.

If you want to reduce gold into calx, dissolve, in a Beaker 100ml, old damage gold jewels in royal water, made with 3 parts of spirit of salt and 1 part of spirit of nitre. The royal water should not be in excess, but just enough to dissolve the gold that you have.

The dissolution will have a yellow-greenish colour because the gold jewels usually contain legally, a small percentage of copper. If it were pure gold, the dissolution would have a beautiful yellow colour.

If it doesn't dissolve well with effervescence, heat up the solution to 40°C, on a small electrical oven with controlled temperature.

Take care not breathes the toxic vapours that emanate from the reaction. Furthermore, don't spill the liquid dissolution on the skin, because later, the area of the skin that was in contact with the golden trichloride solution will be coloured of a dark violet very difficult to eliminate. Furthermore, the more you will wash the area with soap the more it will be accentuated. Use rubber gloves when doing this operation.

In the same vase, coagulate the solar dissolution to a temperature of 60°C, in a sand bath on a small electric oven with controlled temperature.

In a graduate 100ml (Beaker) of Pyrex glass pour 80ml of distilled water and dissolve in it the chloride solar-venusian's (gold and copper).

Now, introduce in the liquid a small and very clean copper sheet and polished with sandpaper or steel wool. Leave it for some time. The gold that is in dissolution will precipitate little by little, on the part of the copper sheet that sits in the liquid.

When the amount of precipitate gold is sufficiently thick, shake the sheet to free the gold, which will drop in a powdered form on the bottom of the glass.

When it doesn't precipitate anything else, remove the sheet and by decantation, flow with precaution the bluish water that remains and which has in dissolution the copper that the gold contained. Be careful that you do not spill the golden powder,

Wash the precious brown powder well with distilled water and dry it in the same vase, to a temperature of 60°C, keeping it, after its dry, in a small glass flask well closed.

This calx is pure metallic gold, much divided and therefore it has a brown colour like coffee. If you examine it with a magnifying glass, you will notice some metal particles. You can melt it with an appropriate fusing heat and, like this, you will have pure gold.

This calx will be easily amalgamated with the common quicksilver and it will be good for the Filaleto, Flamel and Basil Valentine's work.

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