Tincture of Mars

Seek at the very old houses, or in rural properties, iron railings or gates, that with elapsing of many years, the metal became oxidised and have stain pieces (hydrated oxide) in thick layers, that easily come off.

Pick up that Mars calx (oxide) and grind it to very fine powder in an iron mortar. After it is reduced to very fine powder, sift it in a sieve of 120 lines per inch or 60 per centimetre and calcine it well in a mud or stainless steel porringer, on a gas stove with very strong fire.

This calx or oxide hydrated iron can also be obtained from the martial pyrite dissolved in nitre spirit, after precipitated by the potassium carbonate and, finally, calcined with very strong fire.

Pour 50 g of that natural calcined Mars caux in a 1-litre Pyrex glass matrass with an IN29 mm polish and pour on 500 ml of spirit of vinegar to 10% Baume.

Close the matrass with a 150-ml upper balloon IN29 polish male end.

Place the matrass on a small electric oven with controlled temperature. Digested at 40°C.

Every day, shake the matrass circularly so that the matter that stays at the bottom be detached and better dissolved in the spirit of vinegar. After 10 days, the spirit of vinegar will be saturated of the Mars tincture and will be of a beautiful dark brown colour as coffee.

Uncover the matrass and flow, by decantation, in another matrass, the whole coloured spirit. Pour on the matter other so much spirit and let it digest for other 10 days. Remove by decantation, the spirit, and join it to the previous.

Pour the whole tinted spirit in an alembic as what was already described previously. Distil with strong heat, to separate the spirit of vinegar, which, after having distilled, it will be you useful for another operations or, then join it to another of the same graduation.

You don't distil to the dryness, because you will take the risk of oxidizing your salt. Leave, at least, in the bottom of the cucurbit, 100ml of liquid. Let to cool. The next day, you will find in the cucurbit a mars salt crystallized in plates.

Flow by decantation the liquid and remove its salt. Place it inside of a porcelain container and dry it to a heat that doesn't surpass the 40°C. When it is dry, pour it in a Pyrex glass mortar and grind it in very thin powdered. When you make this operation, protect your breathing ways with a mask, because this salt of Mars, if it were breathed, will provoke coughing.

Place the mortar with the powder spread thinly in the sunrays for some days, until all of the acrimony has evaporated, what you will recognise by the absence of vinegar smell.

Put this salt in a matrass and flow on it good wine spirit of 100%, enough to dissolve it. Digested as previously and, then, filter. Keep the tincture in a glass flask well closed to the shelter of the light.

This Mars tincture will be you useful in all the dysfunctions where Mars is suitable.

Pay attention! All the metallic tinctures made by an expert artist, should only be given in homeopathic dosis, under the doctor's expertise.

Rubellus Petrinus

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